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2000 LED Powers Microman Series

L-27 Perfect Shining Zett , L-28 Perfect Shining Solomon & L-29 Perfect Shining Shakunetsu (12/27/00)


Perfect Shining figures came in bigger blister cards than the previous Shining Tector figures.


L-27 Perfect Shining Zett

L-28 Perfect Shining Solomon

L-29 Perfect Shining Shakunetsu

Each figure came with a complete set of Tector armors and mini-comic book.  Each comic book contains the same basic story line with slight variations between them specific to each characters.

Perfect Shining comics/catalogs.

Takara released the last three figures of LED Powers Series for the year 2000 on December 27th.   As expected the last three "Perfect Shining" figures were repaint of the previously released figures.  L-27 Perfect Shining Zett is Master Laser Zett repainted with brown trim instead of red and he came with complete set of Tector Armors in purple.  L-28 Perfect Shining Solomon is Master Laser Solomon with metallic green trim instead of blue with blue Tector Armors.   L-29 Perfect Shining Shakunetsu is a clear orange Laser Shakunetsu with gold trim and orange Tector Armors.

Unlike the previous Shining Tector figures (L-22 to L-25), Takara did not give these figures new helmet and painted face or new pelvic with Shining Powers Belt.  These figures were simply repaints Laser figures with Tector Armors added as accessories.  With the new Microman series coming to an end due to financial difficulty at Takara, Perfect Shining probably will be the last series for the LED Powers line.  Takara planed two more Perfect Shining figures, both of which were  exclusive premiums.  The first one was Perfect Shining Gold Arthur which will be prize giving out as drawing for Shining Promotion.  There were only 100 prizes giving out to lucky winner.  The second one was Perfect Shining Laser Dark which will be Toys R Us exclusive.

Takara also included mini-comic/catalog with each figures.  While all three comics contain similar story line, each comic has slight variation of the story line arc for each of the three characters.    Between page 3 to page 9, the comics contain artworks and stories unique to each figures.   All three characters went out separately to find Microman Arthur (who was being plummeted by Acroyer President Zenon) and they each ran into one of the three mechanical clones of Zenon - Machine Shadows.  (So there were more than one Machine Shadow).   While Master Zett and Master Solomon made a quick work of Machine Shadows after they transformed into Perfect Shining modes, Laser Shakunetsu took some beating before taking out Machine Shadow.  (Probably to imply that Shakunetsu powers and skills were not yet at the "Master" Microman level)   Zett and Solomon saved Arthur from Zenon final death blow and at that moment Shakunetsu crashed through the wall and gave Arthur his Shining Belt.  They then all transformed into Perfect Shining mode and destroyed President Zenon....thus finally ended the LED War.