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Microman Merchandise MicroArchive - Replica Microman Series
M:I:S Display Case - Summer Wonder Fest Exclusive (8/8/00) and Toys Land Show (9/24/00)


The display case also came with ten black Replica Microman stands.

The stands are gloss black, which is the same as the one that came with Arden.








M:I:S Acrylic Display Case (Summer Wonder Fest and Toys Land Show Exclusive)

Takara sold acrylic display case for Microman figure at Wonder Fest 2000.  The case is basically similar to model car display case sold by Testor or Revell.  There is no logo or stamp which is very disappointing since it was sold for 2000 Yen (about $20.00) at the show.  The package box came with background cut out that one can insert inside the display case.  Each M:I:S case also came with ten black Microman figure stands.  The case was limited to just 120 pieces at each show.


M:I:S Display Case measures about 10" in length and about 5" in height.  The case itself is not really all that impressive.  I find the new display case by Testor (item#110) to be much better quality with crystal clear plastic and no mold marks.  The only nice thing about Takara case is that it's taller which help to accommodate taller figure like the Ardens.

Background Cut-out #1 Command 1 & 2 Theme

Background Cut-out #2 Microman Zone Theme

Background Cut-out #3 CGI image of Microman base with fleet of Conning Towers.