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1999 Magne Power Series

Magne Animals - 029 Hurricane Bird and 030 Magne Jaguar & Magne Cougar (3/18/99)


Both 029 & 030 were sold in the same style blister cards as the previous Magne Powers toys.  030 Magne Cougar and Magne Jaguar were sold as a two-packs set.

Hurricane Bird Vehicle Mode

Takara include extra accessories to turn the main body of Hurricane Bird into ski-mobile while the rest of the parts are being used to power-up Robotman.

The Magne Cats

030 Magne Cougar

030 Magne Jaguar

Both Magne Cats come with missile launchers in their rear legs.  Their bodies are fully compatible with magnemo-11 sockets and joints.  Each cat also has handle bars for Microman figure.

Takara released three Magne Animals for Magne Power Series.  Unlike the original series, the Magne Animals were not the Titan's pets but rather companion for the new Robotman.   Both Hurricane Bird and the two Mange cats used magnemo-11 magnetic joints which made them fully compatible with the new Magne Robotman toys.  

029 Hurricane Bird

Magne Animals can be used as power-up for the Robotman.  The body section of Hurricane Bird can be turn into a ski-mobile while the two cats have missile launchers in their rear legs.  Magne Animals also have handle bars so Magne Microman can ride them into battle.  Magne Animals, like the Robotman, contain advance AI circuitry which allow them to think and act for themselves.

Hurricane Bird is an impressive looking toy.  The bird has pose-able clear green wings with magnemo-11 ball joints.  Below is Robotman Baron fully power-up with Magne Animals parts.