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1982 MICROROBOT New Microman Series - Armored Machine
Cosmic Fighter (c.1982) / Kronoform - Invaceptron (c.1984)


New Microman Cosmic Fighter box.

Imported version of Cosmic Fighter.  Note all the English translation.

Kronoform Invaceptron.  Invaceptron has a beautiful box art.  Invaceptron came with the same sticker sheet but with Microman name changed to Kronoform and Cosmic Fighter changed to Invaceptron.


Takara also included an adaptor to connect Armored Suit Galac Sniper and Armored Suit Double Gannon to the top of Cosmic Fighter.


M008 Cleo

Japanese Cosmic Fighter came with unique version of M008 Cleo.  He was done in the same blue color to match Cosmic Fighter.  M008 Cleo came with Rescue Pulsar Gun and energy backpack.

This particular imported version of Cosmic Fighter that I have came with light blue M009 Kenji.  This figure actually was also included with Red Type BulSonic.  Either Takara was packing blue M009 for imported Cosmic Fighter or the figure got mistakenly put in the box by the previous owner of this toy.   

When Takara released Cosmic Fighter as Kronoform Invaceptron in 1984 they opted to include M011 Saram (blue version) instead.  This was probably because by 1984 Takara was mainly producing Micro Change line and M011 was the main figure for that series.  Kronoform version of Saram did not have MC sticker on his chest like Microman Micro Change version.

New Microman Armored Machine - Cosmic Fighter was released as a companion piece to Armored Suite DX Bull Sonic.   The Armored Suite DX can be mount on top of the Cosmic Fighter and act as flying carrier.  Cosmic Fighter is a motorized toy and has several extra parts so one can convert it to several different type of vehicle from tank , helicopter to hover-craft and jet. The toy is extremely interchangeable due to various 5mm ports and pegs.  Unlike most toys in New Microman line, Armored Machine looks like it could easily belong in the original line of Microman.

Armored Machine - Cosmic Fighter in Super Sonic Jet mode

There are three main mode for Cosmic Fighter - Super Sonic Jet, Sonic Heavy Tank and Sonic Heli.  Cosmic Fighter came with tank caterpillars that can be snap on to the main motorized module and convert it into tank.   It also included chrome radar dish that can be attach to the top of the tank and rotate when the motor is on.   The toy also comes with helicopter wheels and blade that converts Cosmic Fighter into attack helicopter.   Cosmic Fighter is easily one of the best toys in New Microman line.   Besides the three basic mode, Cosmic Fighter can be converted into numerous others modes via versatile 5 mm connectors.

Cosmic Fighter - Sonic Attack Heli mode

Cosmic Fighter - Super Sonic Heavy Tank mode

 Three versions of Cosmic Fighters by Takara plus one knockoff by Playmate

There were several versions of Cosmic Fighters that were released by Takara and even a bootleg version released by Playmate as a Teenage Mutant Turtle toy.  The original version was released in 1982 as Armored Machine - Cosmic Fighter for the New Microman line.  This version came in Japanese packaging and included exclusive version of M008 Cleo in blue.  The second version was  "import market" or "foreign market" version.  This version came in the same package as Japanese version but with all Japanese text translated into English.  This version was briefly sold in Asia (outside Japan) and in the US around 1983.   The third official Takara released of Cosmic Fighter came in a form of Kronoform toy call Invaceptron.  In 1984, Takara combined Diakron (US version of Diaclone) and Microman into one toy line call Kronoform for marketing to the US.  Kronoform version of Cosmic Fighter came with M011 Saram (also in blue).  Invaceptron came in a new package design.  Kronoform was short lived attempt by Takara to sell toys in US and they later abandoned in favor of licensed toys to US producer (Hasbro - Transformers).

Cosmic Fighter toy would again be sold in the US in late 1980's but this time under Playmate banner as part of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle toys.  The toy was call Mini-Mutant Cyber-Jet.  The last version seems to be a bootleg version with cockpit modified to fit Ninja Turtle action-figures.  This bootleg version was very well done and almost identical to Takara version.

(Here is a link to Build Base Tokyo website with pictures of Mini-Mutant Cyber Jet)

It is no surprise why this particular Microman toy enjoy so many incarnations, it is easily one of the best toy coming out of New Microman line.   The toy was not only cleverly design in term of playability but also very beautiful to look at.

Cosmic Fighters in various configurations here are the few of my favorites;  top - Juggle Type Attack Tank and Recon Helicopter, bottom  - Submersible Attack Jet.

With the included accessory, Armored Suit Galac Sniper or Double Cannon can be mount on top of Cosmic Fighter.