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2000 Microman LED Powers Series
L-20 Micro Trailer with Secret Breaster Pilot Edison (7/29/2000)


Micro Trailer Box. The inner side of the box can be fold out into a card board diorama of Microman base.


Micro Trailer comes with the last member of Secret Breaster - Pilot Edison.

Pilot Edison

Pilot Edison shared similar color scheme as the others Secret Breasters with dull brass/gold tone shoulders, hands and lower legs.  His body is rust color with metallic green trim. Pilot Edison Secret Breast only comes in yellow mission color.  Pilot Edison has green LED bulb which emits green light.

Pilot Edison Energy Pack





Micro Trailer

Takara released Micro Truck in July 2000 which is yet another repaint of Transformers toy.  Micro Truck was Transformers Action Master Series Optimus Prime truck.  Takara gave the new truck clear green color (which is very nice) with pearl white cab section.   Transformers Action Master line was an attempt by Takara / Hasbro to turn Transformers into action figure line like Microman or GI Joe (the Transformers figures were about 3 1/2" tall) it was no surprise that the Optimus Prime Truck would fit perfectly into Microman line.   Action Master Transformers were not transformable and only their vehicles were the one that transformed.   While there is nothing wrong with Takara reused some of the old molds but it would have been nice if they add more features like may be laser light up or firing mechanism.

The cab or truck section of Micro Trailer has cockpit for Laser Secret Breast Pilot Edison with a pair of two small pegs (2mm) so Laser Microman can stand behind the cab.  (Laser Microman have 2 mm hole on their feet next to the magnet so Micro Truck was plan from the beginning to be part of LED Powers line, I assumed the old Action Master Transformers figures also have 2 mm hole in their feet also).   The cockpit is very plain but can seat Pilot Edison comfortably even with his Energy Pack on. 

Stealth Jet

The truck section of Micro Trailer can transform into "Stealth Jet".  In this mode the cab roof flip open and reveal a gunner station behind the cockpit.  

The trailer section can carry four Microman, two on each side the trailer via 2mm pegs and two on the twin gun in the rear which can be elevated.

Battle HQ Base Mode

The trailer section of Micro Trailer transform into "Battle HQ Base".  In this mode, the panels on each side of the trailer swing open and the rear gunner station raise up.