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1976 MAT & SPY


1976 Spy Magician Series

Microman Micro Robot Series - MR-1 Micro Robot 1 (c.1976)


Mecha Series


Takara released Microman Micro Robot-1 in March of 1976. The toy was originally retailed for 1200 Yen. From the design, it appeared that Micro Robot-1 was actually part of the previous 1975 Microman series line up. The toy seem to have been design as a companion piece to Robotman due to the similar color schemes and appeared together in the promotion picture. For some reason, the toy was delayed (probably due to large number of line up for 1975 line and the shifting of the series direction from miniature Henshin Cyborg to full fledge Microman series) and released in 1976 with the Spy Magician series.

Micro Robot-1 was given MR-101 (later change to MR-1) designation. The toy was one of the several battery operated toys in the series. Micro Robot-1 had battery powered motor that allowed the figure to move via real working caterpillar trend. The robot also had several interchangeable parts and even included extra head that can be used as seat for Microman figure. As with most of the toys from 1975 Microman Zone Cosmo line, the re-configurable seem to be the keys element of these early 1975-1976 series. The toy was design as construction / exploration robot which was the theme of early Microman toys.

Micro Robot-1 Alternate Mode

Micro Robot-1 incorporated much of 5mm play feature and had many design elements from the1975 line. The alternate head that can be used as seat for Microman figure also had built in 5mm peg to hold the figure in place which was the main added design feature to Microman line in 1975. The toy seem to also had been design as companion piece to the Victory Project Robotman series, but when Takara canceled Henshin Cyborg (along with Project Victory) and combined the Robotman line into Microman series Micro Robot was basically sold as just another Microman toys. Micro Robot-1 was later retooled with new head and sold as Micro Robot-2 Mecharoid V in new color schemes in 1977.



Microman Micro Robot-1 came packaged in green color box. This seem to be the packaging color scheme for 1976 Spy Magician series. The package however still had last year Microman Zone Cosmo logo as the toy appeared to be hold over from previous year line up. The toy packaging also had similar design elements from 1975 Microman Zone 2 such as the prism outline around the window and photo.

The back of the box depicted the toy in various configuration (one of the selling point for the original Microman line). The back also show other toys that can be combine with Micro-Robot-1. The package also had the spec and bio for Micro Robot-1.


Micro Robot-1 came with B&W instruction sheet with details drawing of how to assemble the toy. The toy came with sticker sheet (this particular sample the stickers were already applied by previous owner).


Microman Driver Not Included

While Micro Robot-1 did not come packaged with Microman figure, the toys were design especially for the second year 1975 Microman capsule Microman figures. The toy had 5mm port seat for the Microman figure. (The package photographs showed M122 Microman interact with Micro Robot-1, curiously M122 was also the pilot of Robotman).

Battery Required


In 1975, Takara introduced several battery operated toys in Microman line up. Battery run toys were popular in early 1970's as they began to replace the old wind-up toys. Micro Robot-1 had self propel motor using battery that stored in the back compartment of the robots.


Micro Robot-1 was one of many Microman toys that were licensed by Mego and sold as part of the Micronauts line in the US. Mego changed the name to "Microtron" and the toy was sold as companion sidekick for Biotron. As with most Micronauts, the stickers were changed to remove any Microman reference such as MR-101 designation. For more information about Mego Micronauts version of Micro Robot please check out Dave Waugh excellent Micronauts website - Innerspace Online - Microtron


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