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1999 Replica Microman Series
OTAKARA TV Asahi Special - 25th Anniversary Metallic Edition Founder Microman M101S, M102S, M103S, and M104S (11/5/1999) & 2nd Released with red capsules (4/10/2000)


Metallic Mode M10X-S came in black capsules.

The second released of Metallic Edition M10X-S came with red capsules.  The figures and package were however identical to the first released.


Metallic Edition M10X-S came in typical white mailer box.   Takara gave the designation a -S suffix.  The packaging were the same for both 1st and 2nd releases.

Takara released special edition M10X barefoot done in metallic colors for TV program "Trouble Chocolete" on TV Asahi on November 5th 1999.   The 25th Anniversary Metallic Sets were offered for sale during the TV program and were limited to just 300 sets.  Most of the collectors missed out on the offer and many of the sets ended up in the hands of the dealers.  Next day Microman BBS was flooded with complain from many Microman collectors that fond out after the fact about this particular offer.

Takara decided to offer Metallic Edition M10X-S for the second time during another TV Asahi program on February 4th 2000 to appease the upset core collectors.   The second set was offered in the same manner but was now widely publicized.   The only difference between the first and second release was the color of the capsule that the figure came in.  The first set each Microman came in black capsule while the second set each one came in red capsule.  It was very nice to see Takara response to customers request and made the set available for the second time.   The 25th Anniversary Set Metallic Edition of Microman Founders was very beautiful and probably the best of all the barefoot M10X variants released by Takara.


M101S George

M102S Jack

M103S Jesse

M104S  John