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LED Powers Series - Secret Breaster
L-16 Spy Arthur & L-17 Ninja Izam (6/29/00) L-18  Sniper Walt & L-19 Command Odin (7/19/00)


All four Secret Breasters have the same artwork on the front of blister card.


Takara finally included a new LED catalog with Secret Breaster Microman. However, the catalog is just a small fold out type and not the booklet style like the other two catalogs. 


Each Secret Breaster Microman comes with a full set of LED weapons in silver.  (However, they do not include the Master Microman weapons - Magne Stag & Z- Caliber)  

Spy Arthur Energy Pack

Ninja Izam Energy Pack

Sniper Walt Energy Pack

Command Odin Energy Pack

The solid colors on the Energy Pack really bring out the find details on these backpacks.

Secret Breaster (Breastplate) Microman are repaint version of L-1 to L-4 Laser Microman.  Each figure come with a heat-sensitive paint on the chest which when rub or expose to heat would reveals a "secret" mission color.  There are four different "secret" colors for each figure.  One can tell which color is inside the package by looking near the UPC code on the back of the package. Next to the UPC code is a small color dot sticker which correspond to the "secret" chest color.

While the heat-sensitive paint gimmick is rather uninspiring, the repaint figures, to my surprise, are actually very nice looking.  Each figure comes in more subdue tone and reminds me of the "Real Type" Microman from later 1980 New Microman line.  The "secret" color changing chest is black when at normal room temperature.  For the chest to change color, one has to really give it a good rub but even then the color change can be pretty uneven.   To get the full effect, I find that you must expose the figure to heat (i.e. let them sit in the sun) and the chest will change to a very vibrant color and even stay change for a long period of time.

L-17 Ninja Izam

Ninja Izam comes in tan color with metallic purple highlight.  His shoulder pads and shin guards are done in the same dull brass/gold tone as Spy Arthur.  Ninja Izam, interestingly, comes with red color bulb instead of the usual clear bulb. Each Secret Breaster comes with silver LED Powers weapon set and a matching color Energy Pack.

Takara split the Secret Breaster into two separate releases; L-16 & L-17 were released in June and L-18 & L19 were released in July along with L-20 Micro Truck which includes Secret Breaster Pilot Edison.

L-19 Command Odin



L-16 Spy Arthur

Spy Arthur is done in very nice dark gray tone.  His chest is highlight by metallic red. His shoulders and shins are in dull gold/brass tone which give the figure that combat armor-like look.  Another interesting about the Secret Breaster is that it confirms a fact that these new Microman are wearing body armor and they can change them much like changing into a new set of cloth. (This concept of Microman changing outfit came from 1981 New Microman since in the original 1974 series different color Microman would mean a different character.)  In the new catalog, one panel did depict Master Microman Solomon working on a Secret Breaster suit.

L-18 Sniper Walt

Sniper Walt is dark navy blue-gray with dark metallic blue highlight.   His shoulders, shin guards and hands are done in dull brass/gold color like Spy Arthur and Ninja Izam.  What really sets Sniper Walt apart from the rest of Secret Breasts and LED Powers is that he come with yellow LED bulb that emits yellow light.

Command Odin is light olive green color with copper highlight around his chest.   His shoulders, shin guards and hands are in dull brass/gold color like the previous three Secret Breasters.  Command Odin also have orange color LED bulb which emit orange light.

I have to admit that I really was not all that excited about Secret Breaster Microman, though I still find color changing gimmicks rather weak, the new "real type" color schemes on Arthur and the gang really set these figures apart from all the previous re-paints of both Magne Power and LED Power series


Each Secret Breaster Microman comes with four different heat -sensitive paint color variations : red, blue, green and yellow.

The color of the Breaster is a secret code for specific type of missions.