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MA-21, 22 & 23




MA-21 Shishioh Guy

RELEASE DATE : 8/27/05

RETAIL PRICE : 1,300 Yen


MA-22 Mikoto Utsuki

RELEASE DATE : 8/27/05

RETAIL PRICE : 1,300 Yen


MA-23 Swan White

RELEASE DATE : 8/27/05

RETAIL PRICE : 1,300 Yen





MA-20 Microman Shishioh Guy

MA-20 Shishioh Guy

Guy was seriously injured and near death when his shuttle was smashed by the first Zondar (Goa Gai Gar enemy robot). His farther, Shishioh Leo rebuilt his son into cyborg and power with single G-Stone. (above is Guy in his normal mode head).

Will-Knife and Goa-Bracer

Microman Guy comes extra hands molded in silver gray.

MA-22 Mikoto Utsuki

She is Guy girlfriend and classmate. She still loves Guy even when he is mostly machine. She works as Computer Operator for GGG Mobile Force.

MA-23 Swan White

She is half-American and half Japanese who also works for GGG Mobile Force unit as Special Investigation Operator.

Extra hands set for MA-22 & MA-23


Both MA-22 and MA-23 come with extra head molded with their head gears.

MA-21,22 and 23 come with official Micro Action figure stand.

15th Anniversary of the Brave Series

With the success of Microman Micro Action Series, this year TAKARA looks into their own properties for more characters to get "Micro-nized".  And they did not have to look deep for inspiration, with the Anniversary of the Brave Series Goa Gai Gar and Votoms Series the two previous TAKARA licenses are obvious choices for next Micro Action figures. Goa Gai Gar is an anime series by Sunrise Studio release back in 1996-97 and part of the long running Brave Series. (Brave is a transforming super-robot series) TAKARA produced several Goa Gai Gar toys including the first Neo Henshin Cyborg body released as Lion Brave King Shishioh Guy (who is a cyborg). TAKARA release three Microman figures from the Goa Gai Gar series for the 15th Anniversary of Brave Series - MA-20 Shishioh Guy, and two Microlady MA-22 Mikoto Utsuki and MA-23 Swan White.  (TAKARA has been doing the reissues of several Goa Gai Gar toys during the past year).


Microman Guy

For the Goa Gai Gar series, TAKARA take new approach to the figure and lengthen the length of these figures by using longer lower leg sections. By doing so these figures are taller than the standard Microman and Micro Action figures which give them the lanky looks from the anime. Microman Guy has mostly new parts. The head part like most of the current Micro Action line is mold from PVC vinyl material. While these is probably to save cost it make the head quite heavy especially for Guy with his big mane of hair and the figure is very top heavy. The head deco is the weakest part of the figure with really sloppy paint job that really detract this otherwise fine looking Guy figure. The figure comes with removable armor pieces and his trademark Will-Knife and Goa-Bracer. The figure come with alternate normal mode head of Guy and, of course, extra interchangeable hands.



The Girls of Goa Gai Gar

Along with Shishioh Guy, TAKARA also release figure of two heroines from the series Mikoto Utsuki and Swan White. Like Guy, both the female figures have "lengthen" lower legs and the figures are slightly taller than the standard Microlady figure. The sculpt of the two girls are not too bad but the paint job, again, leave a lot to be desire. TAKARA included the interchangeable hands and also extra head with the head-mic gear for when the girls are on duty with the Mobile Force. The extra hands come in handy since it seem these figures have defective pins and the hands came apart fairly easy. With those tiny pins being clear plastic, it would be impossible to locate them if they pop off.

MA-22 Mikoto & MA-23 Swan


Microman Goa Gai Gar Series is frankly made for the fans of this cult favorite anime. The figures are nicely sculpt that would make fans of the series really happy to get nicely articulate figures from the series. Overall the quality control is much improve from the recent Batman and AVP series but the poor paint job and poor fitting hands of the girl figures make these figures far from perfect. Hard core Micro collector will add these figures more or less for the sake of completion but for those Micro-collectors who also fans for the Brave Goa Gai Gar series this Micro Action series is probably a nice additions to both line-up.