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MA-20 Samurai Armor Batman (Batman Arrange)

RELEASE DATE : 8/29/05

RETAIL PRICE : 1,000 Yen






MA-20 Samurai Armor Batman

MA-20 Samurai Armor Batman

The head is chromed with painted face. The mask is removable to reveal "Bruce Wayne". The head looks a little peculiar without the mask which is removable.

Samurai Armor Batman comes with red interchangeable hands set.

MA-20 comes with the usual official Micro Action figure stand.


After the successful Microman Micro Action Batman series in 2004, TAKARA followed up with Batman Begins series for 2005 to tie in with 2005 Batman movie - "Batman Begins".  2005 Micro Action line-up got off with a slow start with the much delay Micro AVP line (which in retrospect should really have been delayed even more with all the quality control problem). Microman Batman Begins series include three figures; MA-18 Batman from Batman Begins, MA-19 Ras'al-Ghul (Ken Watanabe version) also from Batman Begins and MA-20 Samurai Batman (formerly Batman Arrange) which is an in-house TAKARA original design. MA-18 and MA-19 (movie characters) were released in late July to coincide with the movie debut in Japan while MA-20 Samurai Batman was released on August 27th, 2005.




Microman Samurai Armor Batman or Batman Arrange is TAKARA in house original Batman design much like last year Microman Batman Flight Gear Version. This year the theme is samurai and Samurai Armor is suppose to be Batman in his Samurai Armor suit. Samurai Batman is essentially black and red Microman Military Force body with chrome armor suit. The pelvic is the only part that is remolded the rest of the body is the same as standard Military Force body. The armor parts snap onto various 3mm ports. The armor parts are chromed silver (the prototype and promo version was done in champagne gold color). The figure comes with vinyl light green cape that plug into 5mm port. Samurai Batman comes with two samurai swords with scabbards that snap onto the armor. The pelvic section is the only new body part and the armor skirts snapped on to it.



While Batman collectors will probably skip this figure just like last year Flight Gear Batman, Microman collectors however will probably enjoy this figure. This is essentially Microman Military Force with Samurai Armor pieces with "bat" design motif. If TAKARA were to replace the design with Medieval Knight Suit of Arms, the figure could easily becomes a Microman 2005 Micro-Knight Force. I actually dismiss this figure at first but the figure is probably more Microman-like than the other Micro Action Batman figures. He fits nicely on the shelf with the rest of Microman Force line.