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MA-13 & 14

Aliens Vs. Predators (AVP) Series MICROMAN 2005 MICRO ACTION SERIES



MA-13 Alien Warrior

RELEASE DATE : 6/28/05

RETAIL PRICE : 1,300 Yen


MA-14 Alien Queen

RELEASE DATE : 6/28/05

RETAIL PRICE : 1,300 Yen





MA-13 Alien Warrior Type

MA-13 Alien Warrior

The version depict by Micro Action is from the AVP movie design. The head is semi-opaque and show the inner head structure. The exoskeleton shell is made of vinyl and is removable.

Microman Alien Warrior comes with Face-Hugger and Chest-Buster Aliens.

The figure also includes Alien egg pod with interchangeable top for un-hatched and hatched version.

MA-14 Alien Queen

This is also Alien Queen from the movie AVP. The shell is removable so the inner mouth can be extend or retract. The jaw is also movable.

MA-14 also comes with "in-scale" Predator figurine and two egg pods (hatched and un-hatched).

MA-13 & 14 come with official Micro Action figure stand.


When the words got out in late 2004, that TAKARA plan to release Microman Micro Action Series versions of the Aliens and Predators from AVP movie most fans were very skeptical. Though the rumor was not entirely unfound since TAKARA did release the then un-likely Microman versions of DC Comics Batman. Then prototype pictures and sketch of the figures started to surface and the rumor was confirm that there was indeed Microman AVP line the work. However, 2004 came and went and the AVP series never made the appearance. The series was delay several times and finally was released in late June of 2005. The test shots and promotion photos of the figures were greeted with much delight by fans of both AVP and Microman figures since these pictures show not only a highly details but also super-articulated Micro versions of these cult favorite movie icons. TAKARA released total of five figures for AVP line including two Aliens figures MA-13 Alien Warrior Type and MA-14 Alien Queen Type, plus three Predators figures MA-15 Elder, MA-16 Scar and MA-17 Celtic.

Microman Alien

MA-13 Alien Warrior is all new molding using the just the basic design of Microman Full Action Body. One can see some of the elements from Micro Full Action Body such as the knee joints and the shoulder joints but it is essentially all new body. Micro Alien has very nice sculpt and details but with so many others highly detail figures of Aliens release by both US and Japan toy company this version is hardly definitive. The figure is a nice "action-figure toy" version of Alien with nice articulations that you would expect from Microman brand. The figure sadly like most figure from the 2005 Microman line suffer from the poor construction and quality control. On this particular Micro Alien Warrior, the left shoulder is very loose while the right shoulder is stuck to the torso by paint. Though this can be easily fix and the problem would not have been so glaring if it were not for the defects in other figures in the series. The figure is not bad and is very fun to pose, the tail is a little stiff and would be great if it is made with wire insert and the head shell is a little too opaque and hide the nice detail underneath. Micro Alien comes with several accessories including Face-Hugger, Chest-Buster and the pod.

MA-14 Alien Queen Type

Microlady Alien Queen

Second Micro Alien figure from AVP line is the infamous Alien Queen. The figure is scale down to standard Microman Micro Force size and not to the Alien Warrior. The Queen figure, like that of Micro Alien Warrior, has nice detail and ample of articulation points including movable chest arms and double jointed leg sections. The joints however are extremely loose on the Queen and make posing quite difficult. The head shell also tend to come off fairly easy and probably better off just to glue it to the head. This could be a fun figure to display and play on your desk if not for the loose joints.


Breakout series ?

With the success of last year Microman Micro Action line, the AVP series with its strong cult following and fans that eager to snatch up toys that are Aliens or Predators could have been the line-up that bring Microman toys to the wider audience.  Unfortunately for Microman, the poor constructions and quality control of the series not only mars and cause some irreparable damage to Microman series. The two Microman Aliens figures are actually not a bad action-figure toys, but the defective and breakage of the Predators make the defect on these Aliens more glaring. This series come out right before SDCC 2005 and every dealers that had these Microman toys were selling out of them on the first day of the show. The AVP could have done for Microman again what Micro Batman did last year for the series, but unfortunately with the poor quality of recent Microman toys, Micro AVP will most likely ended up scare away potential new fans and collectors. So instead of being the known as the breaking out series for Microman, Microman AVP ended up being known as the breakage series.