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2000 Replica Microman Series

Altimet Victory Project Series - VP04 Walder Soldier : Skeleton Man and VP05 Walder Searcher : Gray Man  Outfits (1/9/00)


VP04 & VP05 were sold in small plastic baggie with "TAKARA" logo sticker.


VP04 Walder Soldier : Skeleton Man Set and VP05 Walder Searcher: Gray Man were the Microman outfit accessories set produce by a small company, Altimet, under licensed from Takara.  Altimet was tasked with producing series of outfits for Microman M10X type since they were in essence the miniature Henshin Cyborg.  The series was dubbed Victory Project.    (Note : Walder was the evil alien race and enemy of Henshin Cyborg).

Along with these two VP04 & VP05 outfits, Altimet also released VP01 - VP03 Grapple System Set, which was set of three Karate outfit and three special versions of M10X barefoot done in flesh tone.  Victory Project set were sold at Super Festival 2000.  Altimet planned future projects for the series but they were ultimately cancel due to poor sale of the VP series.    



VP04 Skeleton Man (using M10X body)

VP05 Gray Man (using M10X body)  

The set came with replacement head and chest piece.  Unlike VP01-03, no figure was included with VP04 & VP05.