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Victory Project Series
VP01 Arashi, VP02 Kazan & VP03 Budo (c.2000)


Grapple Set VP01-VP03

Microman Founders in Combat Joe color.  Look like naked Micromen.

The outfits came in small plastic baggie with Takara logo (sticker).

The first set in the Victory Project is the Grapple Set.   The set is basically  three Microman barefoot figure done in GI Joe color (flesh tone) with Cyborg color head (gold, copper and blue chrome).  VP0X series are based on Microman original concept which is a miniature Henshin Cyborg.   The first three are supposed to represent copper, gold and blue cyborg.  The set was made by small company call Altimet and they were for sale at the Winter 2000 Super Fest toy show.

The body come inside regular M10X type Microman capsules - copper in white, gold in black and blue in red.   Each also come with karate outfits - copper with red outfit, gold with black outfit and blue with white outfit.

The hand cuffs on VP barefoot fit very snug unlike the reissued M10X barefoot which tend to fall off.  The costume fit very nicely though take some adjustment to fit properly.   It seems Takara have reengineer the body parts a little so they have less tendency to fall into pieces when one trying to outfit them with costume.

Here is blue one in his white Karate outfit.  My wife starts to give me a funny look so I stop with just one (also they are quite difficult to put on).