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MicroArchive - Replica Microman Series

Vinyl Doll Robotman and Clear Vinyl Doll Robotman (c.2001)


Vinyl Doll Robotman came package in plastic bag with paper tag.

How many Robotman can we sold?

Soft Vinyl Robotman was sold only with purchase of the new Robotman toy from Replica Microman line.   The clear version of vinyl doll was sold only with Robotman toy purchased from Takara e-Hobby shop.

Takara commissioned a new soft vinyl style Robotman doll to be released in conjunction with the sale of reproduction Robotman toy for Replica Microman line in 2001.  Soft vinyl doll toys had long been favorite with collectors.   Unlike the Robotman toy, the new vinyl Robotman doll was not re-production of the one from 1970's, but rather a brand new design with updated look.

Tag from the package.  The tag used familiar look as the vintage version but instead of just the cut-out of Robotman drawing, the new tag used the background from the "Victory Project" painting that was included with Robotman toy.

Takara offered the new Soft Vinyl Robotman doll as a mail-away premium for customer who pre-order reproduction Robotman toy.   By pre-order Robotman toy with local toy collectibles shop, collector was giving a chance to order the new vinyl Robotman doll.   Takara also produced special clear version of the vinyl doll and offered it as a premium for collector who ordered Robotman toy from Takara e-Hobby Shop website. 

The new soft vinyl doll Robotman was much more accurate in look than the vintage version.  The new doll was also much larger than the vintage and stood almost two inches taller. (See also MicroArchive - Original Series Soft Vinyl Doll Robotman)

Victory Badge

Takara also included this special metal badge as a gift to customers who ordered Robotman from Takara e-Hobby shop.

 Family of PVC

Clockwise : Takara Replica Series Vinyl Doll Robotman , vintage Osato Vinyl Doll Robotman and Yujin Capsule (Gashapon) PVC Robotman

Vinyl Doll Robotman

Vinyl Doll Robotman (back)

Clear Vinyl Doll Robotman

Clear Vinyl Doll Robotman (back)