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Takara - Timanic (1978-1979)

Takara released Timanic - Space Traveler line in the spring of 1978.  The line was an off-shoot from Microman line.  By 1978, Microman popularity began to decline and Takara was searching for a new toys line to supplement it.  Timanic was almost a reverse back to the Henshin Cyborg line.  The new line featured 7" tall figures and assortment of vehicles.  The Timanic figure was a mixture of Microman and Henshin Cyborg look with translucent body, removable armors and Microman-style hands and feet.  The figures and vehicles used the same gimmicks as Microman Police Keeper series (which came out the same year) whereby utilizing magnet to activate light up feature inside Timanic body.

Timanic line was short live and only last about a year.  The line consisted of only three basic figure style (with few color variants, of course) and five vehicles call the Time-Machines and the Nic-Machines.

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Space Traveler Timanic 1 (red version)

Timanic figure features chrome endoskeleton body with snap on armor parts.  The hands and feet obviously influenced by Microman design.  The body can be taken apart and combined with the Timanic vehicles. (This particular figure is missing the top part of his helmet.)

Series 1 -  April 1978

Red Timanic 1

Blue Timanic 2


Time-Machine 1

Time-Machine 2

Nic-Machine 1

Nic-Machine 2

Series 2 -  July 1978

Yellow Timanic 1

Green Timanic 1

Black Timanic 2

White Timanic 2


Time-Machine 1 (new color)

Time-Machine 2 (new color)

Series 3 -  July 1979

Green Timanic 3

White Timanic 3 Deluxe


Time-Machine 3









Timanic came with story pamphlet. The line did not have anime nor manga to promote the toys.