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1976 Original Microman Series

Microman Spy Magician Series - Spy-Heli (c.1976)



The toy came with white rip-cord and a hand held base.

Despite the toy cheap status, it was featured in Microman manga when Akira send Microman Jesse to look for Acroyear.

Toward the end of 1975, Takara released a rip-cord toy call Microman Spy-Heli.  Spy-Heli was a low cost toy that used rip-cord to power the helicopter blade.  The helicopter was constructed from cheap lightweight styrene plastic and must be assemble together.  Takara included a rip cord and a hand held base unit plus a colorful sticker sheet.

Spy Heli toy was probably the forerunner to Takara upcoming Spy Magician Series.  The toy sticker had the early version of Spy Magician bird emblem, and the toy was also package in light green color box, the same color that Takara would used for 1976 Spy Magician series display box.

While Spy-Heli was a cheap looking toy, it actually worked pretty well.  The rip-cord was very powerful and can really send Spy-Heli high up in the air.  The vehicle came with seat for a Microman figure complete with handle bars and 5mm peg to hold the figure in place while Spy-Heli flew through the air.