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1999 Replica Microman Series

M10X Souvenir Microman - Tokyo Toy Festival Microman (8/8/99), Osaka Toys Land Microman (10/31/99) and WCC Microman (11/7/99)


Each toys show Microman M10X came with black capsule packaged inside small plastic bag.


Takara commenced special version of Microman M10X barefoot to be sold as souvenir at various toy shows.   These souvenir Microman were not part of the regular M10X series but rather repaint versions of M10X Microman barefoot.  Each souvenir Microman barefoot came with a special chest plate with the emblem of the toys show it was selling at and the date of the event imprinted on it.

Each toys show Microman came with black capsule.  From left to right - Tokyo Toys Festival Microman, WCC Microman & Toys Land Microman

Tokyo Toys Festival Limited Edition (1999.8.8)  500 pieces

The first one was the Tokyo Toy Festival Microman.  He was a solid gray barefoot Microman with light gray chest plate.   The chest plate imprinted with Tokyo Toy Festival logo (Japanese and English) along with the event dated "1999.8.8" in black.  Takara only produced 500 pieces of Tokyo Toys Festival Microman.

Osaka Toys Land  Limited Edition (1999.10.31) 300 pieces

The second one was Toys Land Microman. He was a light pastel green with flesh tone hands and feet and a blue chest plate.  The chest plate has Toys Land logo and dated 1999.10.31 imprinted on it.  Only 300 pieces of Toys Land Microman were produced by Takara.

World Characters Con Limited Edition (1999.11.7) 300 pieces

The third one was World Characters Convention (WCC) Microman.  He was a bright pink with blue hands and feet.   His chest plate had World Characters Con logo and dated 1999.11.7 imprinted on it.   Takara only produced 300 pieces of WCC-9 Microman.

Takara only released three difference toys show souvenir Microman in 1999.  The series was replaced by the MIS and SAS series as limited items for sale at various toy shows during 2000 and 2001.  M:I:S was a series of Microman done in clear and chrome color and SAS was a series of Microman done in dark gray and dark chrome color.  SAS series became exclusive items for WCC (World Character Con) during 2001.

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