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Replica Microman Series 

e-HOBBY Rescue Microman - Limited Edition M271/M272 Set (10/02) & M273/M274 Set (12/02)


Rescue Team

Rescue Team


Reissued Microman M25X (10/1999)
Set A

M251 Robin
M252 William
M253 Richard

M255 Steve


Set B

M251 Robin

M252 William

M253 Richard

M256 Vergil


Set C

M251 Robin

M252 William

M253 Richard

M257 Charles




M:I:S 02 (7/30/00)
JAF:Con Exclusive


Clear Mode M25X (9/8/00)
Toys R Us Exclusive
Clear Mode M251
Clear Mode M252
Clear Mode M253

Clear Mode M255


e-HOBBY Rescue Series


M261/M262 Set (7/02)

M261 Chris

M262 Adam


M263/M264 Set (7/02)
M263 James

M264 Fred


M271/M272 Set (10/02)
M271 Lake

M272 Leon


M273/M274 Set (12/02)
M273 Leonard

M274 Carlton


M281/M282 Set (3/03)
M281 Clark

M282 Ryan


M283/M284 Set (4/03)
M283 Clark

M284 Foster


M254/M275 Set (7/03)
M275 Richard

M254 Stuart

Takara followed the released of e-Hobby Rescue M26X set with M27X set in fall of 2002.  The set offered via e-Hobby shop much like the reissued M26X set, however, M271/M272 set were limited to just 1000 set.  e-Hobby shipped M271/M272 set October 2003 and M273/M274 set in December 2003. Since M27X Type had five members originally, Takara decided to reissue the last member, M275, together with M254 in June of 2003. M27X type was the third Rescue Microman series and had never been reissued until now.


e-HOBBY Rescue Microman

All e-Hobby Rescue Microman set came in identical package with a sticker to designate the content. Each figure came in gray Rescue style capsule.


Microman Rescue M27X Type

(Revived from crater in south Africa)


M271 Lake - Head the Rescue Team Sub Unit (Servo Machines).


M272 Leon - developed the Pulse Gun.


M273 Leonard - conduct recon activity using Microman Gyro.


M274 Carlton - geology expert. Collect ground information with Microman Cosmo Roller


M275 Richard - develop new method of Rescue using Rescue Bird 3-4-5.


e-HOBBY M271 / M272 (Limited Edition - 1000 set)

Like other e-Hobby Rescue Microman, each M27X came in gray (with blue speckle) Rescue style capsule and clear figure stand. Each M27X came with their trademark Pulse Gun weapon accessory. The head appeared to come from new mold and was a little smaller than the original. The body also came from new mold and was very close to the original.  The only telltale sign was the 5mm port which like the reissue M26X and M28X was a little small and made for very tight fit when using these e-Hobby reissued Rescue Microman with 5mm peg. The plastics used was good quality and not the cheap material Takara used for the M261/M262 set.  The colors were also very closed to the original. Takara also included a new Rescue Microman catalog with each set. The catalog featured a complete line-up of Rescue Microman figures and never before told origin of the Rescue series.

e-HOBBY M273 / M274


Takara released e-Hobby M271/M272 set in October of 2002.  The set were limited to just 1000 pieces and sold as e-Hobby shop exclusive. M273/M274 set were released in December of 2002.  M273 and M274 were never sold individually before and only came as a pack-in vehicle for the playset. (M273 was sold with Microman Gyro and M274 was sold with Cosmo Roller) e-Hobby reissued M274 was done in light yellow color (same as M282), if Takara is correct (which is mostly likely the case)  then yellow M009 (New Microman version of M27X) is then the M27X figure with darker yellow (same yellow as M262).  Since M27X series had a fifth member M275 (he was originally sold with Rescue Bird 3-4-5), Takara decided to pair him up with M254 and plan to release them as a set in June 2003 as e-Hobby Rescue Microman.