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Replica Microman Series 

e-HOBBY Rescue Microman - M261/M262 Set (7/02) & M263/M264 Set (7/02)


Rescue Team

Rescue Team


Reissued Microman M25X (10/1999)
Set A

M251 Robin
M252 William
M253 Richard

M255 Steve


Set B

M251 Robin

M252 William

M253 Richard

M256 Vergil


Set C

M251 Robin

M252 William

M253 Richard

M257 Charles




M:I:S 02 (7/30/00)
JAF:Con Exclusive


Clear Mode M25X (9/8/00)
Toys R Us Exclusive
Clear Mode M251
Clear Mode M252
Clear Mode M253

Clear Mode M255


e-HOBBY Rescue Series


M261/M262 Set (7/02)

M261 Chris

M262 Adam


M263/M264 Set (7/02)
M263 James

M264 Fred


M271/M272 Set (10/02)
M271 Lake

M272 Leon


M273/M274 Set (12/02)
M273 Leonard

M274 Carlton


M281/M282 Set (3/03)
M281 Clark

M282 Ryan


M283/M284 Set (4/03)
M283 Clark

M284 Foster


M275/M254 Set (7/03)

M254 Stuart

M275 Richard

After the long await, Takara finally reissued the second type Rescue Team Microman in 2002.  M26X type were sold as two separate set - A & B.  Set A consisted of reissued M261 & M262. and set B consisted of reissued M263 & M264.   M264 was originally an unnamed dark green M26X type Microman figure that came with Black Tiger Tank.   For the reissued, Takara gave him formal designation as M264 Fred.


e-HOBBY Rescue Microman

All e-Hobby Rescue Microman set came in identical package with a sticker to designate the content. Each figure came in gray Rescue style capsule.




Microman Rescue M26X Type

(Revived from crater in Canada)


M261 Chris - emergency response using the Rescue 2 Bongo.  Expert first aid.


M262 Adam - expert in information analysis during the disaster with Servo-Man Data.


M263 James - manage the command of the Rescue Secret Base building plan.


M264 Fred - driver of Microman Tank Black Tiger and help in critical situation


e-HOBBY M261 / M262

Replica Series M26X type came from new mold and not from the old molds like the M25X.  The reissued head was a little smaller in size and lost some of the details of the original but it was still a pretty nice reproduction.  The new reproduction body was almost identical to the vintage figure.  There was however one minor gripe, the white plastic used for M261 was difference from not only the vintage but from the one used with reissued of M252 & M253 which made the figure look like a cheap knock-off.

e-HOBBY M263 / M264

Each Replica M26X set came with the usual accessories - Pulsar Shot gun & Energy Backpack and a pair of Microman figure stands.  Each figure was packaged inside Rescue Microman case. The case was molded in gray plastic (perhaps to match the gray of the Rescue Secret Base). This was probably done also to save cost since the vintage versions of Rescue Series cases came in several different colors. The new gray case could then be used for all the Rescue types. Beside these accessories Takara included a little surprise addition for M26X set - they published a new mini catalog that resembled somewhat the old Rescue Microman catalog and included it with the set. The catalog had a gatefold picture that included all the Rescue Team Microman that were produced by Takara including the recent additions from the new Replica Series - M255, M256 and M257. The other side of the catalog had a brief story of Microman Rescue Team.