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1981 NEW MICROMAN New Microman - New Acroyear Series
New Acroyear - Red, Green and Blue Acroyear (c.1981)


New Acroyear package


Each New Acroyear came with a distinctive mouth piece.  From left to right - Red Acroyear beak, Green Acroyear beak, and Blue Acroyear beak.

Each New Acroyear came with three missiles and a pair of shooting claws.  The missile can be fire from the arms in place of the claws.

While Microman figure for New Microman series were just recolor of the original series figures, Takara released brand new Acroyears figure for the New Microman Series call simply - the New Acroyears.   Unlike the previous Acroyears, each of the members of New Acroyear has difference body design. 

Note the backpack.  There is no 5mm port instead the back has 2mm peg to hold the second head.

New Acroyear body, like all the old vintage Acroyears is made from die-cast metal and uses 5mm connector leg joints.  However the similarity between the two end there, New Acroyears stand much taller than Acroyear A30X and have no 5mm port in the back. Instead their backs have 2.5 mm peg where an alternate alien beak is attach to.  New Acroyear body can folds down and the legs then split apart to turn him into "bug-like" alien.  The alien beak then attaches to the body to form a mouth when in "bug" mode.  The back also has tube-like back pack that can store twin missiles.  The missiles can be swap with the hands and shoot via spring load mechanism.

Red New Acroyear in "bug" mode.

Note each New Acroyear had difference die-cast body designs.

Red New Acroyear

Blue New Acroyear

Green New Acroyear