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MYCLONE (Micron) Series

AS-06 (SF AS-03) Shonen Cyborg (8/2003)


AS-06 / SF AS-03

MYCLONE (Micron) Series


AS-01 (7/02)
Microman & Cyborg-1


AS-02 (12/02)
Acroyear & Cyborg-1


AS-03 (1/03)
Transformers #1


AS-04 (3/03)
Transformers #2


AS-05 / TF AS-03 (7/03) 
Transformers #3


AS-06 / SF AS-03  (8/03)

Shonen Cyborg


AS-???? (11/03)

Tsubaraya #1

Other MYCLONE Series

AniMYCLONE (12/02)

ZenMYCLONE (04/03)
Wind-up Motor MYCLONE

Exclusive MYCLONE




Takara released sixth MYCLONE series in August of 2003.  The sixth series MYCLONE was renumbered as SF AS-03 in order to separate it from the Transformers MYCLONE series (which now get TF AS-0X designation). SF AS-03 consisted of characters from mostly the Henshin Cyborg and Android A series. This time the main attraction for the set was Cyborg-2 or Shonen Cyborg done in MYCLONE brick figure style.  Like the other two assortments, SF AS-03 can be divided into four group Microman (M), Cyborgs (MC, MK, MH & MK), Android A (MB & MA) and the "generic" MYCLONE MS figure.  Takara introduced two new sub-group - MP and MD.  MP consisted of military MYCLONE and MD was a evil counterpart of MR Android A series called the "Deathcroid".  There were sixteen figures in the SF AS-03 (AS-06) with four being the rare chase figures. SF AS-03 series had extremely limited released and was very hard to find.

MYCLONE was sold as a trading-card style collectible.  Each figure came inside a sealed individual box with twelve boxes per display case.  AS-06 / SF AS-03 came in a new hexagon shape box. The new box was quite a bit bigger than the old rectangle box.


MYCLONE SF AS-03 Checklist


MC011 Shonen Cyborg (gold)

MC012 Shonen Cyborg (silver)

MC013 Shonen Cyborg (blue)

MS051 MYCLONE Sotai (retro robot)

MP011 Clone Soldier (S-W)

MR021 Mycroid M1

MH031 Mach-bird J

MH012 Peaceman M (black)

MD011 Deathcroid I

MD012 Deathcroid II

MD013 Deathcroid III

MW021 Syokubutsu-kaijin (Plant-man)


Secret Figures


M-M10? Microman M10X (green)

MC001 Gray Cyborg-1




The only Microman figure from SF AS-03 - M-M107?  He was one of the four chase figure.


One of the four chase figures from SF AS-03 - MC001 Cyborg-1

 Shonen Cyborg (Cyborg-2) MC011, MC012, & MC013




Microman group consisted of only one series - M series. The M series had only one figure this time and it was a chase figure of green M10X type Microman - M-M107?.  Takara actually never reissued green version of M10X so there was never an official designation for green Microman barefoot.  (The figure was plan as part of the reissue Sky Rambler but the project was canceled.)

MH031 Mach-bird J & MH021 Peaceman M (black) 

MA021 Mycroid M & MP011 Clone Soldier (S-W)




The Cyborg Group MC & MW series this time consisted of MC011 Gold Cyborg-2, MW012 Silver Cyborg-2 and MC013 Blue Cyborg-2. The blue Cyborg-2 even came with hover disc as a stand.  MW021 was green King Walder 1 as Plant-man monster. There were two "costume" heroes in this assortment - MH031 Mach-bird J (a homage to Ninja Arashi) and MH021 Peaceman-M (black) which was a repaint of the figure from the first series. There was no MK (King Walder as a Seijin or alien monster) but Takara added new MP series - MP011 Clone Soldier (S-W).

MYCLONE Cyborg-2 inner head

MW021 Plant-man




The Android group got another android figure the MA021 Mycroid.  This time Takara also added a new series - MD MYCLONE Deathcroid as a counterpart to the MYCLONE androids. There were three figures in the Death series MD011 Deathcroid I, MD012 Deathcroid II and MD013 Deathcroid III. They look like homage to evil androids from Robot Detective K.  The figures can be combine together to form Super Deathcroid.

MD011 Deathcroid I, MD012 Deathcroid II & MD013 Deathcroid III




The basic MS (MYCLONE Sotai or retro robot) series figure this time was a black color robot that again reminiscent of the old 70's style tin robot.  The two known chase figures were M-M10X Microman (green) and MC001 Gray Cyborg-1 with new arms attachments. I have not seen the other two chase figures from this assortment.