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1999 Replica Microman Series
Microman M10X (barefoot) UFO-game Prizes Edition (5/1999)


wpe4E.jpg (18121 bytes)

M101-Prize on a blister card.


wpe6A.jpg (11390 bytes)

"Hey, but we come with a very cool stand and our chest and hands don't fall off like those repro guys"  



Takara produced a cheaper version of the M10X "barefoot" series for the arcade crane/ufo catcher game machine as a prize.   The UFO/Crane Machine are very popular with kids in Japan.   A varieties of toy prizes can be found in these machine. 

The figure is very cheap and  the only redeeming quality they have is the fact that they come with a cool looking stands with matching color and logo.  The stand have feet slots so the figure can be "plug" into the stand.

wpe67.jpg (17259 bytes)

M10X Prize Microman.  Note: hands and feet are molded on and the head are not chrome but rather painted dull silver.  The chest plate are also not chrome but rather a painted color on a clear plastic.   Also note: the cool looking stands - the nicest thing about these Prize Microman figures.

wpe69.jpg (16256 bytes)

Here is a comparison between M104 barefoot repro. and the M104 - Prize.  Note the figure is about the same height, the Prize Microman chest plug is connected via a hole in the body.  The chest piece have a small peg, well at least they stay on better than the regular M10X.   The hands are  painted rubber,  with no articulation and the feet are molded as part of the legs and then painted white, did I mention that these guys are very cheaply made.   The only part that articulate is the painted "chrome" head which used the same ball sockets as the regular M104 barefoot.