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Replica Series Merchandise 2000 Replica Microman Series
Yujin Real Figure Collection Part 5 SR Series - Takara Gashapon (Capsule toy) Robotman (12/2000)


Small label that often accompany capsule type toys.


His chest pops out to reveal M113 Microman inside.   This figure was given to me as a present from Yutaka.

Gashapon or capsule toys have became very popular collectibles in Japan.  These are small PVC toys sold in vending machine.  There are literally hundreds of these capsule toys put out by different company each years cover wide range of characters from TV and manga both old and new.  Gashapon Robotman by Yujin marks the first time Takara Microman property has been release in capsule toys format.   Like most capsule toys, Gashapon Robotman stood about 2.5" and require minor assembly (putting the arm into the socket.)  The toy has some limited pose ability however the cool part about Gashapon Robotman is that his chest (which feature clear cockpit) can be pop apart to reveal Microman pilot (look like M113 Bobby) inside the chest cockpit.   Robotman Gashapon Robotman has fair amount of details and mold to represent late Mr. Moritou manga version.  So far the original Robotman is the only character that get made into capsule toys, with Takara recently open up their property to outside company we might get to see other Microman robot in capsule toys format.

Gashapon Robotman.

Robotman - in Microman manga, Robotman was build by Microman M10X for the boy Akira Katagai to pilot and help Microman fight against the Acroyears.  Robotman became one of the main characters in the original Microman manga.