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1976 Original Microman Series

Titan Series T42X Type Dober Machines - T421 Blue Dober & T422 Red Dober (c.1976)


Titan Series

Microman Titan T42X Dober Machines




Microman Titan Series

Titan T42X Type

Released : 03/1976

Retail Price : 650 Yen


Titan T421 Red Dober


Titan T422 Blue Dober



Microman Titans come in yellow box with the toys packaged inside foam tray. The front box arts are unique to each of the figures.



Microman Titans come in styrofoam tray packaging.

Instruction & Insert




Each figure come with sticker sheet and fold-out story/catalog. Both T41X and T42X share the same catalog (double sided cover)









Takara released two series of Titan Animals; T41X Type Magne Condor and T42X Type Dober Machine in March of 1976.  The Titan Animals were retails for 650 yen, the same price as Titan T40X figures.  Both Magne Condor and Dober Machines are part of the Titan series, which is Microman version of Takara Magnemo-8 toys.  Titan Dober Machines consisted of a pair of cyborg dogs T421 Red Dober and T422 Blue Dober.  T421 is clear red cyborg Doberman and T422 is clear dark blue color.  Both figures has magnetic core body and the canine limbs are attach via 8mm metal ball joint system. The head is also attach to the body using 8mm ball.  The limbs can be remove and replaced with motorcycle parts and turn the cyborg Doberman into into three wheels bike.

Takara Titan toys are design to be compatible with one another via the Magnemo-8 system along with interact with Microman toys using 5mm connector.  Magne Condor parts can be used with Dober Machine to create new vehicles.  The parts also design to combine with Titan T40X figures.  Beside combining with other Microman toys, the Titan toys were also part of Takara broader Magnemo series and promoted by Takara to be used with other Magnemo-8 series. (See below)

Titan Animals Story

Titan Dober Machine along with Magne Condor were build by Titan T40X to be their companions and sidekicks. The Titan animals or Titan pets shared Titan magnetic abilities.  They also communicated with Titan via telepathy.

Titan and Magnemo

Titan T42X Dober Machine and T41X Magne Condor toys were sold as part of Microman Titan line and also the Magnemo-8 series. Takara include small insert advertising Gordomu5 Magnemo series and how they can be used in conjunction with Microman Titan series.