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1975 Microman Titan Series

Titan T42X Dober Machine - T421 & T422 (c.1975)


Titan Dober Machines were sold in the same style box as Titan T40X. Each Dober Machine was sold in their own distinctively design box.


Dober Machine came with several Magnemo-8 ball joint accessories that turn the magnetic rover into a tri-cycle for Microman figure.

Takara also included colorful instruction sheet and sticker sheet to decorate the figure.

Takara released Magne Condor T41X and Dober Machine T42X as companion pieces to Titan T40X series.  Titan Dober and Magne Condor were designed to be fully compatible with Titan and other Magnemo-8 toys using the magnetic ball joints system.


T421 Dober Machine Red

The red Dober Machine was the version that appeared in Microman manga.

T422 Dober Machine Blue

Dober Machine along with Magne Condor were build by Titan T40X to be their companions and sidekicks.  The Titan animals or Titan pets shared Titan magnetic abilities.  They also communicated with Titan via telepathy.

Takara released two color variants of Dober Machines; T421 Red Dober Machine and T422 Blue Dober Machine.   Both Dober Machines had semi-translucent bodies and came with several accessories that can turn them into tri-cycles for Microman to ride on.  

In 1978, Takara released re-paint version of Titan Dober Machine as Titan Space Dober T542 for Titan Space Knight Series.  Space Dober came in solid black body with special gold-plated accessories.  Titan Dober T542 would be the last Titan figures released by Takara for the Original Microman Series.

 (See also 1978 Police Keeper Series - Titan Space Knight T551 Space Dober)

Red Dober Machine (vehicle mode).

Blue Dober Machine (vehicle mode)  

Red Dober came with yellow accessories while the blue one came with white.