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1981-84 New Microman Series

Micro Change Series -  MC-10 Cassette Man (c.1983) 



MC-10 came with (fake) plastic headphone and microphone set.  (The headgear was remove from the Transformers version.)

Beside the headphone and mike, the toy also came with fake mini-earphone.

MC-10 came with exclusive version of Micro Cassette robot MC-01 Micross.

Transformers Connection

The red MC-01 Micross became Transformers : Rumble.   He was sold as a pair with Ravage (MC-02 Jaguar Black Type).  MC-10 Cassette Man became Deception Soundwave.   Transformers Soundwave came instead with Buzzsaw mini-cassette (orange version of MC-03 Condor)

Micro Change Robot MC-10 Cassette Man

Takara released MC-10 as part of the New Microman Micro Change Series in 1983.  Micro Change were series of Microman robots and vehicles that can disguised themselves as ordinary household items.   In the case of MC-10, he was Micro Change Robot that disguised as "Walkman"-style portable cassette player.   MC-10 came with clear plate that can be open so the Micro Change Mini-Cassette can be place inside.   The name Cassette Man was probably a take on "Walk-man" and "Robot-man".

MC-10 Cassette Man was the second largest robot in the Micro Change series that were released by Takara.   It was also probably the most recognizable one next to the MC-13 UNCLE Gun Robo since this toy would eventually became one of the more popular Transformer toy - the Decepticon : Soundwave.  (MC-13 became the infamous Megatron)   The Deception symbol was base on Soundwave head.  Soundwave version of the toy has the "Cassette Man" on the chest removed along with "MC-10" designation.  Most of the stickers were also changed to delete all the Microman Micro Change references.  (If you were wondering why the counter sticker read "010" on Soundwave toy, it was because of the reference to Microman MC-10 designation.)  Being a larger size toy, MC-10 came with many accessories for both the robot and the cassette.   For the cassette mode, the toy included headphone set and also microphone.  For the robot mode, the toy came with two weapons, a shoulder mount "Energy Cell Laser" and "Battery Gun" that can shoot a chrome missile.  Both weapons can also be disguised as a pair of AA batteries when not in used.  MC-10 also came with exclusive red version of MC-01 Micross Micro Cassette Robo.

The rear compartment came with a belt clip that can be remove so the two weapons can be store inside the battery compartment.  (The two weapons can be disguised as a pair of AA batteries).