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1981-84 New Microman Series

Micro Change Series - Camera Robo MC-05 MICROX (c.1983) 



The flash also double as secret missile launcher.  The toy came with two gray missiles.

Follow in the Micro Robot tradition, each Camera Robo came with their own personal weapon accessory.

The "zoom lens" can be attach to Micro Finder gun to from a super gun.

The Transformers Connection

Like most of the Micro Change toys, MC-05 Microx was later re-released as part of the Transformers line.  The toy became Reflector (He was a Decepticon) and the three robots became Spector, Viewfinder and Spyglass.   Reflector was simply repackage of Microx with some new stickers.   The "MICROX" sticker was change to  "REFLECTOR" and the sticker on Micro Winder chest and Micro Shutter pelvic were removed since they had Microman reference on them.  (Tiny "MC" logo badge).   Reflector was sold only as special premium mail-away figure for the US Transformer in 1986.  The missile launcher feature on the flash was remove from the Transformers version.

(See also Micro Heritage section: The Transformers)

Camera Robo MC-05 MICROX

MC-05 MICROX Story

"Like other Micro Change, MC-05 Microx is not just an object.  When in danger,  Microman will be inform via telepathy and come to your aid. One day, the young kid who has befriended Microman Saram (M011) found images of AcroSatan in some of the pictures that he took.  Saram realize that AcroSatan could have attack the young boy so he immediately modified the youngster's camera into MICROX.  Now the camera became super camera that can even take a picture of object in outer space.  And when necessary, MICROX can split up into there separate Camera Robo - Micro Shutter, Micro Finder and Micro Winder and protect the youngster."

MC-05 A Micro Shutter

MC-05 B Micro Finder

MC-05 C Micro Winder

Each Camera Robo was construct much like the Micro Robot with some die-cast parts.  The figure had very limited articulation.  The transformation was very simple and involved just folding up the legs and arms and than attach them together to form MICROX.

MC-05 Microx was released in 1983 as part of the early Micro Change Series.  Micro Change were a series of Microman robots and vehicles that disguised themselves as ordinary household items.   MC-05 Microx was special camera that can transformed into three separate (micro) robots - MC-05 A Micro Shutter, MC-05 B Micro Finder and MC-05 C Micro Winder.

The design of MC-05 was most likely came from the New Microman - Micro Robot Series from the previous years.   (Micro Robot was a series of robots that can combined to form bigger robot or vehicle for Microman)  MC-05 was the only "combiner" robot in the Micro Change line, but unlike Micro Robot V and Micro Robot 7, these Micro Change robot combined into a camera instead of a bigger robot.  Also like the Micro Robots, MC-05 robots came with small plastic gun accessories.


Like other Microman Micro Robot, each Camera Robot came with distinctive head designs that gave them unique personality. 

Micro Shutter (Transformers : Spectro)

Micro Finder (Transformers : Viewfinder)

Micro Winder (Transformers : Spyglass)