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Transformers Series

Takara Binaltech BT-05 Dead End Destron Soldier as Dodge Viper Comp. Coupe (7/2004)


Transformers Binaltech

Transformers Binaltech


BT-01 Smokescreen as Subaru Impreza WRC 2003 (8/03)

#7 Solberg / Mills 

#8 Makinen / Lindstorm


BT-02 Lambor (Sideswipe) as Dodge Viper SRT-10 (12/03)


BT-03 Streak as Subaru Impreza WRX (3/04) 


BT-04 Hound as Jeep Wrangler (03/04)


BT-05 Dead End as Dodge Viper Competition Coupe (07/04)


BT-06 Tracks as 2004 Chevy Corvette Z06 (08/04)


BT-06B Tracks 2004 as Blue Chevy Corvette Z06 (11/04)


BT-07 Smokescreen GT as Subaru Impreza WRC 2004 (09/04)

#1 Solberg / Mills

#2 Hernoven / Lehtinen


BT-08 Meister as Mazda RX8 (9/04)


BT08 Meister as VRM Edition Mazda RX8 (9/04)


Masterpiece Edition

MP01 Convoy (Optimus Prime) Semi-truck Cab (12/03)






Binaltech Dead End came in the same scale die-cast car style packaging as the previous Binaltech releases. The box insert also double as display stand for the car.



Binaltech Story

In the year 2003, the Autobots are slowly being destroyed by a powerful corrosive rust set upon them by the evil Decepticons. With Megatron and his troops advancing and the humans increasingly in danger, a final, desperate project is put into action - human created Transformers. Thus, the newest Transformers are born via a new technology: Binaltech!


Binaltech Instruction Booklet

Binaltech toy came with full color booklet that detailed the features of the toy and instruction on how to transform the vehicle into robot mode. The transformation process can be a bit tricky at first but became very easy after a few attempts (though not recommend for younger children as the toy was obviously aimed at older adult collectors). The transformation process for Dead End was the same as that of Sideswipe.


Alternate Version

Hasbro released a cheaper cost alternative to Takara Binaltech die-cast version as Transformers Alternators.  The Alternators had the die-cast body parts replaced with molded color plastic parts. The toy was identical to the Binaltech version but without the heavy feel of die-cast  and the sheen of painted die-cast body.  In fact the two versions looked identical from a distance, however, the difference became quite appearance when one pick up the two toys.  (Think of Alternators as plastic scale model-kit car version and the Binaltech as scale model die-cast car version). Alternator came in a slightly larger box than the Binaltech packaging but the box was very plain looking without any die-cut windows.  The instruction was also just a plain mono-color sheet like other US Transformers toys, unlike Takara version that came with full color booklet and a bio-card (found in most Takara Transformers toys)  However the toy was perfect for those on tight budget who can not afford the much higher price Binaltech version but want to own these amazing toy engineering pieces. Hasbro painted Alternator Silverstreak and it look almost identical to BT version so I would assume they would do it to subsequence releases but this does not seem to be the case. Cost saving seem to still be Hasbro only concern even on these fine pieces of Transformers and that is just too bad.

Takara released BT-05 in July of 2004 as the fifth figure in the Binal-Tech series. This was the first new figure to come out since Hound was released in March. Dead End was not totally new however as the toy was retooled of previously released Binal Tech toy BT-02. BT-05 was also somewhat unique in that it was the first Destron to be release in Binal Tech line. Like other BT toys, Dead End was one of the G1 characters, however, since he was not a Cybertron he was originally not part of the die-cast car line and the character actually was one of the car from a combiner set that form Menasor. Looking at the head sculpt, one would think this robot and car would be released as Sunstreaker (especially since he was Sideswipe brother) but for some unknown reason Takara and Hasbro decided to made him into Dead End. In any case, Dead End was one great looking vehicle mode and probably by far the most striking looking of all BT releases thus far. The vehicle featured Dodge Viper Competition Coupe in black with silver racing "competition" stripes. The clear parts were tinted red and gave the vehicle even more ominous look. While the toy was a retool of BT-02, unlike Silverstreak, this one had plenty of new parts including the roof, rear and side skirt sections.

In robot mode, the car transformed into Destron Dead End though he did not look much like G1 version. Since the toy was retooled of BT-02, the robot mode natural look pretty much like BT Sideswipe. The transformation was the same as Sideswipe but the chest had been altered slightly and affixed with Destron symbol. While the robot mode look very nice but it clearly his vehicle form that would sell this toy. His vehicle mode was fully painted in black with silver stripes running across the top of the car. The die-cast content was about the same as BT Sideswipe and give the toy nice hefty feel to it. Also being the same mold as BT Sideswipe, Dead End came with the same weapon. His articulations was pretty much identical to Sideswipe.

While many fans already grumble about the numbers of repaints already being used in this line, one can almost sympathized with Takara for trying to make the most out of these expensive tooling. (Though I do think they went a bit far by releasing yet another Smokescreen as 2004 model of Subaru WRX, and it would not surprise me if Takara would later used this mold as Sunstreaker). Dead End was one of those figures where you would only get it if you were a completist. Personally, I liked this version much better than Sideswipe as the vehicle mode look much more attractive. However, at first, I thought Hasbro would painted the vehicle since they painted Silverstreak but apparently Alternator still used molded plastic. So if you want nice painted finished then Binal-Tech is the only way to go, but if you don't really care for the look and just want a robot mode then the  Alternator will do just fine.