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Transformers Series

Takara Binaltech BT-03 Streak Cybertron Gunner as Subaru WRX (3/25/2004)


Transformers Binaltech

Transformers Binaltech


BT01 Smokescreen as Subaru Impreza WRC 2003 (8/03)

#7 Solberg / Mills 

#8 Makinen / Lindstorm


BT02 Lambor (Sideswipe) as Dodge Viper SRT-10 (12/03)


BT03 Streak as Subaru Impreza WRX (3/04) 


BT04 Hound as Jeep Wrangler (03/04)


BT05 Dead End as Dodge Viper Competition Coupe (07/04)


BT-06 Tracks as 2004 Chevy Corvette Z06 (08/04)


BT-06B Tracks 2004 as Blue Chevy Corvette Z06 (11/04)


BT-07 Smokescreen GT as Subaru Impreza WRC 2004 (09/04)

#1 Solberg / Mills

#2 Hernoven / Lehtinen


BT-08 Meister as Mazda RX8 (9/04)


BT08 Meister as VRM Edition Mazda RX8 (9/04)


Masterpiece Edition

MP01 Convoy (Optimus Prime) Semi-truck Cab (12/03)






Binaltech Streak came in the same scale die-cast car style packaging as the previous Binaltech releases. The box insert also double as display stand for the car.


Binaltech Story

In the year 2003, the Autobots are slowly being destroyed by a powerful corrosive rust set upon them by the evil Decepticons. With Megatron and his troops advancing and the humans increasingly in danger, a final, desperate project is put into action - human created Transformers. Thus, the newest Transformers are born via a new technology: Binaltech!


Binaltech Instruction Booklet

Binaltech toy came with full color booklet that detailed the features of the toy and instruction on how to transform the vehicle into robot mode. The transformation process can be a bit tricky at first but became very easy after a few attempts (though not recommend for younger children as the toy was obviously aimed at older adult collectors). The transformation process for Streak was the same as BT-01 Smokescreen.


Alternate Version

Hasbro released a cheaper cost alternative to Takara Binaltech die-cast version as Transformers Alternators.  The Alternators had the die-cast body parts replaced with molded color plastic parts. The toy was identical to the Binaltech version but without the heavy feel of die-cast  and the sheen of painted die-cast body.  In fact the two versions looked identical from a distance, however, the difference became quite appearance when one pick up the two toys.  (Think of Alternators as plastic scale model-kit car version and the Binaltech as scale model die-cast car version). Alternator came in a slightly larger box than the Binaltech packaging but the box was very plain looking without any die-cut windows.  The instruction was also just a plain mono-color sheet like other US Transformers toys, unlike Takara version that came with full color booklet and a bio-card (found in most Takara Transformers toys)  However the toy was perfect for those on tight budget who can not afford the much higher price Binaltech version but want to own these amazing toy engineering pieces.

Takara released BT-03 in March of 2004 as the third figure in the Binaltech series. (It was released together with BT-04 Hound.) Like previous toy in the series, BT-03 featured another old favorite Autobot character named Streak (Bluestreak) from Transformers G1. BT-03 was the first repaint for the Binaltech line. In keeping with his G1 version, Streak also shared the same basic car design as Smokescreen so in Binaltech series, he became street version of Subaru Impreza. In vehicle mode, Streak was a silver Subaru Impreza WRX. Takara had remolded several parts to distinguish this model from the racing version of WRX. The rear spoiler was re-design to match the real world model and the wheels sported new rims. All the racing decoration was replaced with nice silver painted body. The interior also had been repainted with added extra details on the seats and dashboard. The driver seat was also changed from left to right (since in Japan the driver side is on the right).

In robot mode, the car transformed into Cybertron Streak. (Streak was known in the US as Bluestreak - but the name was changed to Silverstreak since Hasbro lost the trademark for Bluestreak). His robot mode was basically identical to that of Binaltech Smokescreen. Takara remolded the head so he would be distinguishable from Smokescreen.  His arms and legs were molded in red color so he would match the original version of Streak. The new head, like that of Smokescreen, retained much of the G1 characteristics. Beside the head the front grill was also changed to match the street version of Impreza with added extra fog lamps on the bumper and license plate with Cybertron (Autobot) symbol. The shoulder parts were also remolded with added mecha details. Curiously, Streak had Autobot symbol only on his left shoulder. Aside from these cosmetic changes, Streak robot design structure was pretty much identical to BT-01 Smokescreen.

Like Smokescreen, Streak weapon was transformed from the car engine block. Takara molded the part in red instead of gray so the gun would match the red on Streak body which in turn made the weapon quite stand out. The Autobot symbol was painted red with white outline. There were some minor change to the robot feet, which transformed from the rear part of the car. The rear bumper had new license plate (made to look like vanity plate style) with Autobot symbol and letters "SLV STRK" which most like stand for Silver Streak - his Alternator US name. The rear windshield also had defogger heat strip added to it. Binaltech Streak had the same die-cast contents as his Smokescreen which included the hood, roof, the front doors. The die-cast parts really gave the toy very solid feel and the nice coat of silver paint really gave Streak very nice finished something that will be hard to achieve for Hasbro if they decided to go with bare plastic for Alternator version. If Hasbro would painted the plastic parts, then Alternator at least, in appearance would look just as good as Binaltech version.

While BT-03 Streak was essentially a retool and repaint version of previous Binaltech toy and  some fans might be wary at the re-used of the mold so early in the new (and quite expensive line), the new head and modification to various parts of the car not to mention a really nice silver and red scheme really made Streak a worthwhile addition. Takara had added many changes to the mold itself that the figure feel almost like a new new toy instead of another repaint. To be fair the original G1 series, both Smokescreen and Streak shared the same body (as they both came from variants of Diaclone toys) so it made sense that Takara kept this theme going. Takara also realized that to some fan, Streak was just a repaint of Smokescreen (which we already have two versions of) so BT-03 toys were released with a small production run which caused the toys to be sold out quickly from most of the outlets in Japan.