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Transformers Series

Takara Binaltech BT-01 Smokescreen Cybertron Diversionary Tactician (8/2003)


Transformers Binaltech

Transformers Binaltech


BT01 Smokescreen as Subaru Impreza WRC 2003 (8/03)

#7 Solberg / Mills 

#8 Makinen / Lindstorm


BT02 Lambor (Sideswipe) as Dodge Viper SRT-10 (12/03)


BT03 Streak as Subaru Impreza WRX (3/04) 


BT04 Hound as Jeep Wrangler (03/04)


BT05 Dead End as Dodge Viper Competition Coupe (07/04)


BT-06 Tracks as 2004 Chevy Corvette Z06 (08/04)


BT-06B Tracks 2004 as Blue Chevy Corvette Z06 (11/04)


BT-07 Smokescreen GT as Subaru Impreza WRC 2004 (09/04)

#1 Solberg / Mills

#2 Hernoven / Lehtinen


BT-08 Meister as Mazda RX8 (9/04)


BT08 Meister as VRM Edition Mazda RX8 (9/04)


Masterpiece Edition

MP01 Convoy (Optimus Prime) Semi-truck Cab (12/03)






Binaltech Smokescreen came in a very nice scale die-cast car style packaging. There were two variants of BT-01 Smokescreen; one depict car #7 and another car #8 of Subaru Rally Team.  Both toys were identical with the exception of some decorations.


Binaltech Story

In the year 2003, the Autobots are slowly being destroyed by a powerful corrosive rust set upon them by the evil Decepticons. With Megatron and his troops advancing and the humans increasingly in danger, a final, desperate project is put into action - human created Transformers. Thus, the newest Transformers are born via a new technology: Binaltech!


Binaltech Instruction Booklet

Binaltech toy came with full color booklet that details the features of the toy and instruction on how to transform the vehicle into robot mode. The transformation process can be a bit tricky at first but became very easy after couple of tries (though not recommend for younger children as the toy was obviously aimed at older collectors).


Alternate Version


Hasbro released a cheaper alternative to Takara Binaltech die-cast version as Transformers Alternators.  The Alternators had the die-cast body parts replaced with molded color plastic parts. The toy was mostly identical to the Binal-Tech version but without the heavy feel of die-cast toy and the sheen of die-cast body.  (Alternators version felt almost like a plastic model-kit version of the Binal-Tech die-cast ca). Alternator came in a slightly larger box than the Binal-Tech. The packaging was much simpler without any die-cut details and the instruction was just just a plain mono-color sheet like other US Transformers toys.

In September of 2003, Takara released the first figure in the Binaltech series - Autobot Smokescreen. In vehicle mode, Smokescreen disguised as realistic looking Subaru Rally Team Impreza WRC 2003 race cars.  The car featured super details paint job with working doors, trunk and hood and even semi-realistic interior. In this mode Smokescreen can almost pass as a 1:24 scale die-cast car model of Subaru Impreza. The die-cast gave the car realistic looking finish something that could not be done with plastic and also gave the toy very solid feel.  Takara released two version of Smokescreen, one version was based on car number 7 of Subaru Rally Team which was driven by Solberg and Mills team and car number 8 which was driven by Makinen and Lindstorm.

In robot mode, the car transformed into Autobot Smokescreen, one of the original characters from the first generation Transformers. The Binaltech Smokescreen retained much of the elements from the original Generation One Smokescreen such as the head designs the car hood that form robot chest, the wings-like door and the feet that formed from split rear window and trunk of the car. (The original Smokescreen was Datsun Z in blue and red race car paint scheme). Due to the car was being model in 1:24 scale, the robot mode of Smokescreen stood over 7" tall, much larger than the original. Binaltech Smokescreen also had over 15 points of articulations and even came with his signature weapon (disguised as engine block).  The weapon unfortunately was not done in chromed part but rather was done in gray color plastic.  A chromed weapon would really put a nice finishing touch to this awesome toys as it would make the figure even more like the G1 Transformers and the Diaclone Car Robot.

Binaltech Smokescreen was one very impressive toys and easily the best Transformers to be released by Takara for quite sometimes.  Takara finally gave what fans had been asking for all these years - a true updated version of the old G1 Transformers toys.