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MAEX-03 Cutie Honey Micro Action Series with RE: Cutie Honey DVD


RETAIL PRICE : 21,000 Yen






MAEX-03 Micro Action Series Ex Microlady

Cutie Honey

MAEX-03 Cutie Honey

Micro Action Series Microlady Cutie Honey from RE: Cutie Honey OVA series



The set include 4 DVD of RE: Cutie Honey OVA series and bonus CD. The packaging for the DVD is designed to implement the DVD and CD labels. When the discs are removed from the tray, the "x-rated" versions of the artworks are revealed. (You essentially remove her clothing by removing the discs)

Interchangeable hands

Figure stand and sword


Micro Action EX is essentially an "exclusive" edition of Microman Micro Action line. These are either special repaint versions or special products that are gear toward smaller collectible market. The first two figures were released in 2004 (EX-01 and EX-02) and are characters from British TV and movie Thunderbirds. For 2005, TAKARA released two more Micro Action EX set - EX-03 Cutie Honey which is sold together with DVD box set of RE: Cutie Honey and EX-04 Street Fighter set, a special two-pack repaint of the two Micro Action Street Fighter figures.



TAKARA is no stranger to Cutey Honey series and they released CG (Cool Girls) version of Cutey Honey so it is not a surprise that they would released another Honey figure. "Cutie Honey" is based on character creation of legendary Go Nagai, call "Cutey Honey". Cutey Honey is a story about a sexy and often scantily clad android named Honey Kirasagi who has the ability to transform herself into various disguises (she becomes briefly nude during transformation to the delight of other male characters) which she uses to fight the evil organization called Panther Claw.


RE: Cutie Honey is a remake ("re" stands for remake) of the original Cutey Honey TV and manga series. Since the remake is marketed as an OVA (original video anime, or what us in the US call a direct to video) the show is gear for adult and feature even more scantily clad, sword wielding Honey in even more compromising poses. The series is funny with slapstick and very fast pace style but surprisingly faithful to the original "Cutey Honey" series. To commemorate the release of "RE: Cutie Honey" DVD box set, a special exclusive Micro Action Micro Lady Cutie Honey is included with the set.  So if you are purchasing the set just for the figure, then this is probably going to be your most expensive retail Micro Action figure.   


Micro Action Cutie Honey figure is based on the character design from the new OVA series and depict the "red hair" version of Honey Kirasagi. The figure has newly molded chest and forearm sections and comes with her trademark sword. The rest of the body is using the standard Microman Full Action Microlady body. The painted job is a very sloppy and the head is a little too small for the body. Overall it is not a bad figure but with the added cost of DVD box set, this figure is only for those that must have them all or fans of Cutey Honey series or is getting the DVD anyway. (The DVD are region coded for Japan so you will need a Region Free DVD player for them).